Our Story

Bloody Kentucky; 

 Great with Vodka- even better with Bourbon!      Long held as sacred to the Native Americans, the land of “Kan-tuck-ee” was known as the dark and Bloody hunting ground. Indeed, tribes from the great lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and form the East coast to Oklahoma came here just to hunt and fish. But because everyone, including the early settlers, wanted Kentucky for themselves, it also became the most disputed piece of land on the continent, lending itself to the name, “Bloody Kentucky”.  Bloody Kentucky bourbon drink mix stands as a tribute to the fact that some things really are special. Not only does Kentucky have the fastest horses and the finest bourbons, but also now the only tomato-base drink-mix designed specifically for bourbon drinkers. The ingredients are specially blended to bring out the wild side of your favorite bourbon and make your taste-buds hunt for more. Add a twist of lime and you’ll see why Bloody Kentucky is worth fight’n over. From the hills of ‘ole Kan-tuck comes this irresistible treat that’s great with steak, pork, fish, chicken or all by itself. It’s the way we chill back in the hills. 


“Bloody Kentucky drink mixer is a generations old recipe that dates back to before the time of Prohibition.......”


So now you know the historic context of Bloody Kentucky as a sacred hunting ground, but the modern usage of the name "Bloody Kentucky" as a drink mixer was first coined by my Great Grandfather sometime in the early 1920's. He would use a homemade tomato/vegetable juice-base to which he added beef-broth, sorghum molasses and some awesome spices. This would then be cooked down to a thick consistency for mixing with his whiskey (that by some accounts he also made at home.) 

Since Kentucky has always been a Whiskey/Bourbon state, -it only made sense to name his mixer "Bloody Kentucky" instead of "Bloody Mary". By this name he honored both early Kentucky history as well as the bourbon industry. The fact is, the classic flavor of Bloody Kentucky makes it the best mixer on the market with Vodka, -or with Bourbon!     

-Daniel Holloway